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Welcome To Exclusive Commercials Ltd


Calling on over 20 years of experience working with modest to elite vehicles, our team have direct contact with the leading aftermarket producers from across the globe. This unique access allows us to deliver the highest quality products as well as develop bespoke projects, tailored to your needs.

A specialist in commercials customization, our abilities stretch from light finesse touches to complete remodeling.

Our state-of-the-art facilities enable our craftsmen to work to the highest of standards. This attention to detail and vast experience have enabled us to work on vehicles from bare chassis complete builds, all the way to the latest super cars fresh from the showroom floor.


At Exclusive Commercials Ltd we specialize in bespoke commercial conversions, we source only the very best parts from the leading companies in the industry to make our conversions truly unique.
We will always work to the the strictest conditions making sure our conversions are perfect and suitable for daily driving giving us our hard earned reputation.

All conversions are taken very seriously and we will endeavor to make any dream come true for our customers.


Exclusive Commercials Ltd can transform the interior of any car with a lavish leather finish that oozes glamour, elegance and a timeless design. We are passionate about car interiors and providing a service to be proud of.

Every project is unique and great care is taken to maintain a high standard. Being perfectionists we strive for perfection in our work and go to many lengths in researching design and sourcing the best materials for the job in hand. Whether you own a modern car or a classic car we can change your entire interior to any design , we are able to work on any type of vehicle.

Custom Body Shop

A custom body shop is a business that substantially alters and modifies vehicles. They can modify the body of the car for aesthetic reasons, using exclusive paint works and adding aftermarket accessories.

Interior Tuning

Interior tuning modified the interior of the car’s build-up on components and furnishings to complete luxury packages that include leather seats, air-conditioned, and state of the art audio and video equipment.

Body Tuning

Body tuning consists of adding or modifying a spoiler and body kit to improve the car’s performance and change its appearance. That modification pursues to increase the down-force, which improves the tire adhesion and cornering speeds.

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